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Why should I book with Stacey Gillin Photography?

Great question! Without a doubt, my expertise lies in newborn and baby photography, and I’ve been a Gettysburg based newborn photographer for 12 years now.  Often, you’ll come across photographers who claim to “specialize” in an extensive array of photography genres. However, I firmly believe that attempting to dedicate oneself to numerous categories is a challenging feat. While I may occasionally accommodate a few other session types based on my schedule, my primary focus is always on newborn photography.

My job entails artfully and patiently posing your baby, accentuating each delicate detail that you’ll want to hold in your memories. Instead of relying on fleeting trends and gimmicky props that might age quickly, my approach centers on timeless imagery.

Clients often leave amazed by my ability to expertly soothe and pose their baby. This craft is truly an art, one that requires specialized skills and intuition. Not every photographer possesses the aptitude or patience for it.

When is the best time to inquire about a newborn session?

The best time to contact me about a newborn session is before you have your baby! I allocate slots for 2 newborn due dates every week, and clients frequently secure bookings weeks to months ahead. For this reason I strongly encourage you to contact me prior to your 3rd trimester. However, babies hardly ever pay attention to their due dates! That means that I sometimes end up with open newborn session spots and am always willing to try to squeeze someone in. If you have already had your newborn, don’t hesitate to contact me to find out if that is possible.

What happens if I deliver my baby earlier or later than expected?

Babies rarely adhere to their due dates, which is why I limit myself to only scheduling two due dates per week. This approach guarantees that regardless of when any baby on my calendar decides to make an appearance, I can always accommodate them in my schedule!

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Do you provide wardrobe?

I offer a selection of maternity gowns for your maternity sessions, along with outfits ranging from 6 to 18 months in size for your baby’s subsequent sitter or first birthday session. My collection comprises high-quality gowns from Sew Trendy, available to you at no extra cost.

You have the flexibility to schedule a pre-session try-on appointment, or you can opt to arrive a bit earlier on the session day to try on your preferred gowns.

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How long does a newborn session take?

The average full newborn session takes around 2.5 hours, and can be up to 3 hours. A mini newborn session takes up to 2 hours. The length of time depends largely on how deeply your baby sleeps for the session, and how often he/she needs to be fed. The addition of family/sibling photos can also increase the duration.

When and where do newborn sessions take place?

Newborn sessions typically take place 6-18 days after birth, though it is possible to accomplish a newborn session with babies up to around 4 weeks old depending on several factors.  Sessions are always scheduled on weekday mornings and take place in my Gettysburg photography studio, with the exception of in home lifestyle newborn sessions.

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Should I bring anything to a newborn session?

I supply all the essential items for the session and offer a range of meticulously chosen, handcrafted newborn props of exceptional quality. If there is something special that you would like to use, please feel free to bring it, but please try to limit to 1-2 special items. If purchasing anything from etsy, be aware of sizing. Many sellers list 0-3 month sizes as newborn, and those items are almost always too large. I recommend not purchasing anything from Amazon due to quality and sizing.

How long before I will see my images?

I typically edit and finalize full galleries for download within 2 weeks from the session date. If your package requires choosing your images, proof galleries are typically ready with 3-5 days.

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Will you take pictures of my other children with my newborn? What about parent shots?

Absolutely! During the session, the main focus will be on the baby. However, I also like to dedicate some time to capture sibling shots featuring the newborn, as well as shots with you and your partner. These moments usually take place at the beginning of the session.

After capturing those shots, siblings are invited to go in the lounge room, furnished with a couch and television for their comfort. If you’d like, you can bring along toys or other activities to keep them engaged and entertained.

When possible, I recommend having a parent or another family member take the older siblings out to either enjoy a meal or explore Gettysburg. This suggestion comes in light of the sessions often extending into lunchtime. I’d be more than happy to provide recommendations for nearby restaurants or parks to visit.

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What to expect at my newborn session:

Come prepared to get comfortable, and relax! Newborn sessions are scheduled on weekday mornings. Full sessions can take up to 3 hours, and mini newborn sessions are up to 2 hours. Great care is taken to ensure that your new baby is cozy, warm, and content. There will be white noise playing, and the studio temperature will be between 80 and 83 degrees. Newborns can’t maintain their body temperature as well as we can, so the warmth is necessary to keep them comfortable. Just think about how upset your baby probably becomes during diaper and clothing changes in a normal 68 degree room!

A calm, relaxed atmosphere is essential! You’re welcome to sit and watch me work, bring a book or some other entertainment, or take a nap! There is an air conditioned room with a television, coffee, snacks, and bottled water. Most babies will sleep through their session, but there is the occasional one who doesn’t want to miss a thing!

Through photographing hundreds of newborns, I have learned a few tricks that have earned me the name of “The Baby Whisperer” from many clients. The key to a newborn session is patience, both on my part and yours! I want you to relax, and know that your newborn is in the hands of an experienced newborn photographer. Their safety and comfort is of utmost importance!





Stacey Gillin is a maternity and newborn photographer based out of Gettysburg, PA, close to Hanover PA, Westminster MD, and Frederick MD. She has clients throughout Baltimore MD, Washington DC, Gaithersburg MD, Harrisburg PA, Dover PA, Mechanicsburg PA, York PA, and surrounding cities.

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Serving PA, MD, DC, VA

Stacey gillin photography

Serving PA, MD, DC, VA