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You’re here because you are considering booking a newborn photography session. You may not be sure it’s for you, or you may just be searching for the right photographer. Whether you are in the Gettysburg and Hanover areas, or further away in Harrisburg or Baltimore, I’d love to welcome you into my cozy newborn photography studio. You might have some questions about what a newborn session entails, so I want to give you an idea of what you could expect when booking a session with Stacey Gillin Photography.

When you send an email or a message through the website contact form, I make every effort to  reply to you as quickly as I can! I will answer any questions and provide any information that you need. You can also tell me anything that you think I might need to know. This might be that you have a sentimental item that you would like to include in the newborn session, or that you will deliver your baby earlier than your due date.

Once you decide to move forward with booking your newborn photography session, I will sean invoice to you for the $150 deposit. Your session is confirmed once that has been paid! I reserve your spot on my calendar by your due date, or the date that you know you will deliver on. All we do from there is wait for your baby to be born! You can check in if you think labor is close and you’re not quite to your due date, or if you schedule a delivery with your doctor or midwife. I hold your spot no matter when you actually deliver, and I do not reserve more than two due dates per week.

The next months or weeks until you deliver will fly by!

You should add my phone number to your contacts list so that it’s easy to let me know that your baby is here! It is best to let me know within 24 hours so that I can get back to you with available dates. I try to schedule newborn sessions in the order of birth whenever possible, but also have room for flexibility!

We will choose a date and time for your newborn session, and I will send a short questionnaire to you. I use your answers to plan your newborn session, so take your time. It will let me know what colors you prefer, if you have any “must have” poses in mind, and whether or not I should plan family or sibling photos. If there are any particular poses or props that you do NOT want to use, that is also the time to tell me. I will not be offended! I would rather know than waste your precious session time on something that you do not like.

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Now the days until your session will count down in a blur!

You might be unsure about having to get yourself ready and leave your cocoon, but you will probably find that it feels refreshing to feel a bit of normal again! I will welcome you into my Gettysburg studio once you arrive, and show you where you can settle in. Plant your home base at the couch in the shooting area, or plan to get a little rest in my small lounge area. I will have snacks and bottled water available for you. If you don’t live close to Gettysburg and need to feed your newborn when you arrive, you will undress them down to a diaper and nurse or give them a bottle.


And then the magic of a newborn session begins!

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I typically start with family or sibling poses if you want them. Your baby might be awake or in a milk coma. Either one is fine for this portion. We will do these photos as efficiently as possible so that you can relax for! Feel free to watch me after that, or take a nap. Both of those options are completely normal 🙂 I will carefully, artfully, and patiently guide your baby into sweet newborn poses. You will witness just how much I really love and enjoy my career! You may also wish to let the images be a surprise for when you see your gallery! I will take photos of your baby in different set-ups, poses, and multiple props, working at their pace. Your baby might need a break for a feeding. I am happy to bottle feed, or hand them off to you!

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What happens after your newborn session?

Your newborn session will take from 1.5-3 hours, depending on whether you book a mini newborn session or a full session. I will give your baby back to you (if I have to 😉), and you are free to go! I will probably take a nap, because newborn sessions can be taxing. That is probably not what I will do, but I will want to. Instead I will upload your images to my laptop and begin sorting through them. I’ll send you a proofing gallery if you booked a mini newborn session. You’ll make your image selections, and I will have them edited for you within 1 week. Or you can expect your fully edited gallery in 1-2 weeks if you chose a full newborn session. No matter which package you chose, you will receive beautiful, timeless photos of your newborn baby. And you will never regret it!


Newborn photography is my all time favorite. I knew that I wanted to specialize in it within a few months of opening my business. It’s an absolute honor to be among the first people to meet your new little one. It’s even more so to be trusted to capture their first portraits. Feel free to reach out with any questions if you love my work and want to know more!


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Stacey Gillin is a Gettysburg and Hanover Newborn Photographer. She also serves clients coming from Hanover PA, Baltimore MD, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Washington DC, Westminster, Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, and York PA.



Thinking of scheduling a newborn session for your baby? It’s best to reserve your spot on my studio calendar as soon as you can. I tend to book well in advance and only accept two due dates per week. Email me at or by using the contact form.


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